Sophie Ebrard, I didn’t want to be a Mum Talk


May 2021

Join Sophie next week for a free talk about her incredible project, I didn’t want to be a Mum.

The transition into motherhood is not easy. In fact, it’s like a psychological big bang.
Media and culture tend to only show one side of motherhood. The joy. The bliss. The overflowing love. But the truth is, many mothers also experience disappointment, guilt, even anger and fear. Becoming a mother is hard, not just because of the sleepless nights or physical exhaustion, but because of the profound identity shift that takes place.
With the “I Didn’t Want To Be A Mum” exhibition, photographer Sophie Ebrard explores these ambivalent feelings of motherhood.
This talk will explore the truths around the complexity involved with becoming a mother. Moderated by Karin Hesselvik (founder of Pom Pom Social and co-founder of Mother Wild), we will discuss the gap of what society tells us motherhood should look and feel like vs. what it actually is and how we can start moving toward a more honest depiction of motherhood.
We invite you to join in the conversation and open up about the fact that it’s OK to not always feel OK about motherhood.