Sophie Ebrard, Amsterdam open for shooting


April 2020

Sophie Ebrard is currently available to do small-scale shoots from her home city of Amsterdam, unlike those of us in the UK.

Since March 11th when the WHO declared Covid-19 to be a global pandemic, the Dutch government issued an ‘intelligent’ lockdown. Now in their 4th week of this lockdown, shoots are beginning to happen on small scales with strict safety guidelines.

The main aspects:

Human contact is kept to a minimum
Using small crews with only crucial members, so the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained
All local talent and crew
Maximum two consecutive days shooting per week is recommended

Creatives & Clients
Advised to attend from a distance by high-speed internet connection or via live stream
This would be advised throughout all aspects of pre-production, casting, locations and shoots

Large shooting spaces
Will be the priority as they allow people to keep their distance more easily
Places with good ventilation will also be a priority

All locations will be thoroughly cleaned before and after shoots
All crew will be informed to regularly clean equipment (with 75% isopropyl alcohol wipes)
No equipment should be shared

Health disclaimers will be signed by everyone before arriving on set
Anyone attending will have their body temperature checked prior to being allowed on set, and be checked for flu-like symptoms

If a shoot is cancelled or postponed, we can be flexible with cancellations fees and will discuss this with each client