Nick Ballón, Electric Daisy Flower Farm – film


April 2021

Electric Daisy Flower Farm, are in their own words “romantic horticulturists, passionate about building a better, greener future.” Nick was commissioned by the farm to create a short film that presents the beauty of their Somerset location and London shop.

The film reflects the course of a growing season – from seed to bouquet, captured on multiple family camping trips to the farm. Revisiting the same scenes throughout a year was a rare and joyful experience for Nick, who had the opportunity to observe the hopeful energy of Spring and abundance of Summer, right through to putting the farm to bed in Winter.

This allowed Nick to create a film that evokes this relationship with the seasons, and which portrays the colour and awe of nature.

Director: Nick Ballón
Musical Composition: Viljam Nybacka
Editor: Charlie Rotberg
Colourist: Paul Willis

Commissioned by Electric Daisy Flower Farm