Julia Fullerton Batten, Looking out from within on LA billboard


April 2021

One of Julia’s images from ‘Looking out from Within’ is currently on a billboard in LA.

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2021 – The non-profit arts organization The Billboard Creative opens its Seventh exhibition, bringing large-format art from emerging and established artists to 30 billboards across Los Angeles.

Kitty, Lockdown day 92:

“My take on this Covid situation is probably like most people’s…

Except that I get regular depressing letters from the department of Health and Social Security reminding me that ‘I am identified as someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable and am at risk of severe illness if I catch the virus’. Of course this is exacerbated by my age as well.

However, I never felt fitter or more energetic and take daily walks just to see some life and people in the area. I live alone but have the support of a daughter and a son and his family who live not far away, which is a great comfort.

What I miss most is the freedom and ability to be able to hop on a bus or tube or train and go to the British Museum or the National Gallery for instance and then meet friends for a catch up or trip to the cinema. Not to mention holidays – which seem in the distant past!

Who knows when life will return to anything like normal.

I think I have learnt to take each day as it comes and to be less demanding about what I think I need or want to do”.