Julia Fullerton-Batten, Looking out from Within in Lockdown part 2


December 2020

During the second lockdown in England Julia decided to continue working on her hugely successful lockdown project from earlier in the year.

“I photographed Kostadinos who I know from my local neighbourhood. He used to repair my lamps or anything electric, now he is retired.
His window at home used to be his shop front. Now it is covered permanently but I asked him to open it for my shoot.

Kostas words:
I always believe in God.

When the time comes ‘we go’.

Everything is in God’s hands.

I always trust God.

Sikh always say ‘We are all ONE human being. Light is one. God is one’

God only created one light. Everyone is equal.

Our temple has four doors. Any religion is welcome. He can sleep and eat and we give shelter to those in need.”