Home Studios


March 2020

We are committed to standing by the government and the NHS through the Covid 19 crisis – we’re not encouraging anyone to continue shooting in hired spaces with crew travelling from different areas to share space. With this in mind we would however like to draw attention to the photographers we work with who ALL have spaces they can shoot in at home: Jenny van Sommers – Jason Hindley (see Marmite Campaign, Cannes Lions 2019) – Andy Glass, Kevin Summers, Julia Fullerton Batten, Louise Hagger – we could go on. All the photographers we represent have the space to work from their home studios and often do, this would not be a creative compromise.

As for shoot attendees – we’d encourage you and your clients to stay home, instead we would arrange a video link-up to stream the shoot to you, making the process as fluid as we can. We are used to doing this for clients on the far side of the world where attendance was not possible, again it’s nothing new and not a creative compromise.

Please do get in touch to arrange a shoot with any of our photographers, either within our group or within our global network of contacts – let us know what you have in mind and we can work out what’s possible and how to realise it safely and responsibly.