David Harriman, VCCP ‘Back to School’ Portraits


December 2020

In between lockdowns, David Harriman worked with VCCP to make these ‘back to school’ portraits of all their employees. Read what they had to say about it here:

“Ever since it was founded in 2002, VCCP has taken a ‘school photo’ with all of its employees.

This happens come rain or shine, and has documented the agency as it’s grown from 4 people to about 804.

This year is the first year we won’t have done it, which seemed very sad to us.

So, in the (very) brief window before the latest ‘work from home if you can’ instruction, when we were welcoming everyone back to the office, we asked the wonderful David Harriman to set up a portrait studio in our reception so we could take individual school photos of everyone rather than our usual set up.”