Cian Oba Smith & Louise Hagger, BBH Coming Together Exhibition


November 2020

Cian and Louise both have a print in the new BBH ‘Coming Together’ exhibition. The exhibition is a celebration of community, togetherness and humanity, highlighting this togetherness through art and photography. Unfortunately, lockdown 2.0 has got in the way of the real-life opening for the exhibition (for now), but you’ll be able to see more images and hear more about it on the BBH Instagram very soon soon.

The full list of photographers in the exhibition is here, Cian and Louise are in very good company and hugely proud to be involved. As we are proud of them!

Micaiah Carter
Cian Oba Smith
Grace Rivera
Louise Hagger
Hanna Moon
The Masons
Hidhir Badaruddin
Ike Edeani
Danny Kasirye
Alia Romangnoli
Amber Pinkerton
Lelanie Foster
Campbell Addy
Lily Bertrand Webb
Lucie Rox
Keziah Quarcoo
Casper Kofi